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“International Refereed Journal of Design and Architecture” has started to publish articles as of 2014. Our journal includes valuable and qualified articles which will provide sources for the literature. Our journal is an international refereed journal, and published every four months. The issues of our journal are published on APRIL, AUGUST and DECEMBER. Both online and printed versions of the journal are available. Our journal welcomes all types of scientific and authentic works with respect to Visual Arts, Design, Architecture, Landscape Architecture, and Interior  Design. Editors-in-Chief of the journal are Prof. Dr. Pelin AVŞAR KARABAŞ and  Assoc. Prof. Levent ARIDAĞ the journal carries out its activities in accordance with the decisions taken by the Executive Board of the journal. Editor-in-Chief is the member of the board who has the highest rank, and decisions taken by 51% of executive board are implemented. Each submitted article is approved by two referees who are experts in their fields, and is expected to be granted with positive opinions of referees as to being eligible for publishing. Within the same issue, single article of the author is published. If the author has more than one article which is approved by referees and the executive board, those are lined up for the following issues. No author has any kind of power on referees and executive board. Copy right agreement is not demanded for articles which have been uploaded to the system for publishing. Rights of articles which have been uploaded to the system are considered to be transferred to the journal. Author or authors are regarded to have agreed on this and have been included in this system by committing to act in accordance with the publishing conditions of the journal. Our journal is a free journal, and the journal/publishing house has no obligation to give the journal in print to the relevant authors for the issues and articles published. 

Academicians and researchers who would like to become a member of referees and scientific boards of the journal are required to hold Ph. D. degree and be granted with the title of Doctor and to be experts in their fields. In addition, one of the conditions is to have carried out scientific studies. No one who has not published works in his/her field and does not have the titles of Doctor or Expert cannot become a member of referees and advisory boards. Executive board of the journal is the senior decision and executive mechanism of the journal. Each and every decision of the executive board is absolute and irreversible. Without the decision of the executive board, nothing can be carried out or performed under no circumstance. The Editor-in-Chief of the journal can decide on whether works which have not been sent to the approval of referees can be accepted or not, whether they can be included in the process of referees’ approval. Editor-in-Chief does not have to inform the executive board on this process. Executive board is the single body which takes decisions regarding the participation of scientists in the referees, scientific and advisory boards of the journal. 

In our journal, special issues can be prepared for works which have been presented orally in some national or international congresses and which have been approved by a referee. Such special issues are just valid for oral presentations in agreed congresses. Such works have to be approved by scientific board of the congress and evaluated by referees. No work can be published without referee assessment and approval. Works which are sent for publishing are submitted to referees for their approvals. Works which are evaluated positively by the two referees are published. In addition, printed versions of the orally-presented works and their referee approval reports should be submitted to executive board of the journal as well as editor-in-chief. Works lacking this information and printed material cannot be accepted for our journal. Information regarding the process are provided for author and authors in a written format in the web page of the journal. Each author who registers to our journal and logins the system can follow up the process on the web page of the journal. All conditions and principles are eligible and same for each and every author. These conditions and rules cannot be changed for anyone. Any change or difference cannot be requested. Works sent to be published in the journal have to be related to the fields that the journal accepts. If a work does not hold such features, it is not published in the journal. Procedure regarding refereeing process is under the control of editor-in-chief. Editor-in-chief has the authority to decide on the procedure of refereeing process for a work. A work which has not been found appropriate or not been accepted by the editor-in-chief cannot be included in the refereeing process of the journal. Under such circumstances, author or authors cannot form any liability for the journal and other bodies. Even if a work is approved by a referee or accepted in the system to be published, its publication can be cancelled due to negative opinion of editors or executive board regarding the publication of the work or related decision of the boards. Under such cases, author or authors cannot impose sanctions on the journal. Any kind of authority belongs unilaterally to the executive and executive boards of the journal.

Our journal acts in accordance with Law numbered “5846” on Intellectual and Artistic Works and its provisions within the frame of Turkish Republic legal rules. Our journal has the right to protect its legal rights unilaterally against author or authors who do not fulfil the necessities of this law. Author or authors are held responsible unilaterally regarding quotations which are not in accordance with related rules, and plagiarism. Ethics board report is mandatory in research and applied studies. Studies without ethics board report cannot be accepted even if they have received referee’s approval. Author or authors cannot claim any right on this matter. On this matter, any institution, individual or other authorities cannot impose sanction on the journal. Each and every author has to obey international academic, scientific and ethical rules. Our journal informs related institutions or organizations directly and formally about authors who do not obey the rules. In studies which are prepared by utilizing PhD, MA/MS and Expertise theses, studies that have been utilized have to be definitely stated under the title of bibliography or abstract. Otherwise, such studies cannot be regarded as ethical and evaluated within the frame of plagiarism. In MA/MS and Expertise theses, name of the author of the original study has to be stated. If different author names exist in such studies, the contributions of the authors to the study have to be clearly stated in the bibliography. Our journal has both online and printed versions. Our journal, as a material including academically-prepared studies, is a social organ which provides services to the society in order to provide benefits to institutions and individuals which carry out scientific studies. Our journal does not charge any fee thus does not have to send printed material to author/authors. Page-setting of the works which have been accepted and granted to be published in our journal is carried out according to the journal’s publication and writing rules, and then uploaded to the system. Works can be downloaded from the system by author/authors and readers so that their needs are met. Page-setting is performed by authors based on the sample work provided for them.